SZK Senn, Zygelman & Kneissl GmbH
A-6330 Kufstein, Münchner Straße 21
UID: ATU52010201

Telefon: +43 (0)5372/68166
Fax: +43 (0)5372/68166-30


Imprint according to § 5 E-COMMERCE-ACT

Company Name: SZK Senn, Zygelman & Kneissl GmbH
Address: SZK Senn, Zygelman & Kneissl GmbH, Münchner Straße 21, A-6330 Kufstein
Phone: 0043-5372-68166-0
Fax:     0043-5372-68166-30

Company Registration No.: FN 209722s
Comercial Register and Court of Jurisdiction: Innsbruck

Member of the the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber / Trade Union Commerce
Business: Commerce (Subsidiaries do have further business licenses)

Value Addes Tax No.: ATU52010201


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